Admission Criteria

Teacher Training Center for admission applicants

  • GTI and GTHS for all teachers

Model GTI Requirements for admission applicants

The Applicant

  1. Must be in good health by nature of technology and profession and be able to work in the field and in factories /companies.
  2. Mathematics in University Entrance Exam Physics You can apply for any course that includes chemistry courses.
  3. The selection will be based on the total English and math scores obtained in the university entrance exam.

Model GTI Required Documents for admission

  1. University Applicant Citizenship Verification Card (Copy)
  2. Certificate of good health from the township health department.
  3. For those who have passed the university entrance exam: Official university entrance exam pass score (original).
  4. Household table with copy of applicant’s name (copy)
  5. 3 colorful passport size photos